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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 17, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm JST

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japanese cuisine spreads, sake is starting to be embraced by drinkers around the world. welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'll queen otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. negotiators from iran and six world powers have restarted talks aimed at reaching a final deal on teheran's nuclear program. iraqi troops are using air strikes to fight back against advancing insurgents but they're struggling as the militants move toward the syrian border. and a chinese bike maker is innovating to meet the needs of
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younger people who see bikes as more than a way of getting around. delegates from iran and six world powers have restarted negotiations on teheran's nuclear program. they're in vienna to hammer out a final agreement before the july 20th deadline. officials from iran, the united states, other permanent u.n. security council members and germany have met every month since february. eu foreign policy chief ashton is mediating the talks. they started drafting a final agreement document last month. they agreed that teheran will restrict the nuclear development program for western countries lifting some sanctions. but the two sides remain divided on several key issues. they include the number of centrifuges used in enrichment facilities and heavy water reactor under construction. western nations say such a reactor could be used the produce weapons-grade plutonium.
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for more on what's needed to achieve a deal, we spoke with of the institute of energy economics japan, an expert in middle east politics. >> well, it's quite difficult to consider what's going to happet remains. and it's quite deep. the united states cannot trust iran simply because that they have seen iran -- as they consider they have seen iran hiding what the nuclear activities were like 20 years. and the center -- the central figure for that is the centrifuge problems. iran wants the hold like 50,000 centrifuges for nuclear development while the united states can't allow that to happen and reduce the numbers to 3,000. the iranians consider that the sanctions relief are so far not in their favor. it's not worked in the way they expected to.
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so the negotiating team is under pressure. talking about the negotiating team, the eu representative kathleen ashton is going to leave by the end of october. u.s. negotiator wendy sherman may leave her position by the summer. and there are so many uncertainties about the negotiating team on both sides. and if they are capable or if they're able to do so, they might want to seal the deal by july, this's for certain, but the mistrust of each other is so grave it's very difficult to solve these at one point. well, certainly, the americans and iranians are on the same side wanting to see the malaki government in position or not fall. based on the conditions on the ground, the iranians would consider that they have a bargaining chip against the americans with regards to the nuclear front but the americans would consider that they would not want iranians to have the upper hand in the negotiations. and they would simply disregard
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that. so it may have an impact on the iranians on how to proceed with the negotiations but eventually the americans would not allow that to happen. the president of the united states and his advisers have been weighing all the options in iraq. the situation on the ground is changing by the day aziz lammic militants battle to gain the upper hand. iraq's leaders have struck back but the militants appear determined to press on. nhk world reports. >> reporter: the militants have been waging offenses on multiple fronts. now they have moved into the northern town of tal afar close to the border with syria. fighters had already taken control of key cities including the second largest mosul. and they've been pushing south toward the capital baghdad.
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further west, government troops used helicopters to launch air strikes on militants outside fallujah. >> translator: the strikes are very accurate. we use missiles capable of hitting the targets precisely. our mission is proceeding well. >> reporter: u.s. president barack obama met with his security advisers on monday in washington to discuss their response. defense secretary chuck hagel has issued an order for an amphibious transport dock ship to be sent to the persian gulf. a pentagon spokesman says the ship will give u.s. forces more options in iraq. obama told members of congress in a report that up to 275 military personnel will be deployed. they'll provide support to american personnel in iraq and the embassy in baghdad. and secretary of state john
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kerry says air strikes with drones are a possible course of action. >> they may well be one of the options that are important to be able to stem the tide and stop the movement of people who are moving around in open convoys and trucks and terrorizing people. >> reporter: but the president has ruled out sending combat troops back into iraq. more than 4,400 u.s. soldiers died there in nearly a decade of fighting. obama and his aides are carefully weighing all the options. any form of military intervention could pull the u.s. back into a long and difficult fight. mitsuko nishikawa, nhk world. foreign workers in iraq are feeling the heat and they're seeking a haven from the recent violence. some of the japanese who work in
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the country aren't an exception and ron madison has more on this. ron? >> some of the japanese companies aren't taking any chances. the violence there forcing them to take some precautionary steps now. some companies started to pull the employees out of the country. officials at japan petroleum exploration company say japanese workers at an oil field in southern iraq left on monday but they note that production at the garraf field isn't affected by the fighting. they started full oil production at the garraf field late last august. it developed the field jointly with the malaysian oil national company. plant construction firm withdraw all japanese workers from iraq last week, they had been working on a plan to build a facility together with iraq's state-run petroleum firm. and the turmoil in iraq continues to weigh on investor sentiment. here's how indexes in europe are doing at this hour. all of them still up, although just a touch there for london.
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frankfurt gaining by .2% as is the paris market at this hour. some investors buying back equities following the recent streaks. here in asia, ended the day mixed with the nikkei up .3%. many market players refrained from making aggressive moves waiting for the outcome of the fed's policy meeting on wednesday. singapore's key index sank to a three-week low. the dollar is looking like this against the yen, 101.96. pretty much unchanged from the levels we saw in asian trading hours. the euro under pressure against the dollar. germany's investor confidence declined sixth straight month in june. euro/dollar right now around 1313 1.3566. u.s. supreme court declined to hear argentina's appeal. the funds demand full repayment from the 2001 default.
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the argentine government appealed lower u.s. court rulings. but the supreme court refused to hear the appeal without giving a reason why. the top u.s. court also upheld the claim of the funds and ordered the government disclose the location of its assets overseas. if they fail to pay off the debts, it could face a new default dealing a blow in financial markets. japan's direct investment in china declined sharply in the first five months of this year. behind the plunge were strained relations between the two countries. china's commerce ministry says foreign firms invested almost $49 billion for the construction of plants and other facilities between january and may. that's up 2.8% year on year. but investment by japanese companies tumbled more than 40%. a spokesman said the tense dip plo mattic ties may further dampen business activities.
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analysts notarizing labor coasts in japan and the yuan strength contributed to the decline in investment. promoting or theism is part of the growth strategy and the government decided to try to double the number of foreign visitors by 2020 when tokyo hosts the summer olympic games. cabinet ministers put together an action plan to attract 20 million visitors a year. >> translator: japan welcomed a record 10 million people from overseas last year. but the number falls far short of our goal to become a major tourism country. >> the plan includes easing visa requirements for tourists of the philippines and malaysia and vietnam. they took similar steps for visitors. the plan also calls for doubling the number of tax-free shops to more than 10,000. the government will also allow wealthy tourists to stay in the country up to one year starting next april. toyota motor's top executive
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said that the company will boost research and development and promote human resources development for continued growth. they reported an operating profit for the last fiscal year. the president announced the plans at an annual shareholders meeting. more than 40,000 were present. toyota noted that they marked a major turning point selling more than 10 million vehicles around the world. he said the company can allocate more resources for further growth and said they'll try to further improve not only hybrid but also conventional engines and promote fuel cell vehicles. all right. that is going to do it for biz tonight. i'll leave you with the markets.
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japan's government has decided to provide about $80 million to help evacuees return to their hometowns near the fukushima daiichi power plant. officials at the reconstruction agency have announced that the fund will be given to fukushima prefecture and 16 municipalities to be used for designing public rental housing for returning residents, building infrastructure for farming and industrial activities and other rebuilding projects. >> translator: we expect the
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fund to help speed up rebuilding efforts in evacuation areas. >> the central government earmarked about $1.6 million to help prepare for the return of residents after orders are lifted n. april, the government lifted an evacuation order on a district near the plant for the first time after the nuclear accident in march 2011. it had decontaminated the area to bring down radiation levels. decontamination work has produced a large amount of contaminated soil and debris. the japanese government hopes to build temporary facilities in fukushima to store it. environment minister upset residents on monday when speaking about the plan. he said money would be the deciding factor on what happens to the waste. ishihara said the next day that the key issue is compensation for land and aid to rebuild lives and local communities.
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>> translator: i'm sincerely sorry for causing any misunderstanding. >> the minister says he hasn't changed his approach of supporting residents and making sure they understand the current plan but the governor sato expressed displeasure over ishihada's remarks. >> translator: i wonder whether the minister truly understands how much the people have suffered. they have been kept from their homes for over three years. i don't think he understands their love for fukushima. >> the environment minister is being sharply criticized by fukushima residents as well as opposition party members. millions of bicycles used to choke china's city streets but
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cars changed all that. bike manufacturers are innovating to get up to the speed of the modern generation. nhk world's nuko otani reports from shanghai. >> reporter: to get from one place to another, chinese once used bicycles. the number of bikes used to be more than 500 million. since the '90s, many chinese have been switching to cars. now, china is the world's largest automobile market. >> translator: peddling a bicycle tires me out and the air is filthy. >> reporter: 30 years ago a bicycle like this was regarded as a luxury and a status symbol but over the years its popularity faded. china's biggest bicycle maker
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forever in english used the produce these bicycles. the shanghai-based company went bankrupt in 2001 after sales dropped by 80% compared to its peak years. now, this man is trying to restore the brand to its old glory. 26-year-old khan shen took on the job four years ago at the request of his father who had purchased the bankrupt firm. >> translator: we had to create a whole new image and throw out the old one. >> here we go! >> reporter: chen focused on selling to middle class sellers. these days, a growing number of chinese regard bicycling as a sport rather than a means of transportation. many are buying sleek, high end bicycles made by foreign companies.
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chen had to adapt to the changing times so he updated the company's old brand image of durability. chen's designs are aimed at young chinese. he experiments with colors. he changes the shape of the frame and he comes up with other ideas through trial and error. he also makes custom designed bicycles for government organizations and others. police officers use this model for patrolling. these are rental bicycles. city authorities bought 25,000 of them from chen's company to help reduce air pollution. chen also opened a bicycle shop with a cafe. he aims to promote sales by displaying models with features like bamboo frames.
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>> translator: the designs are nice. and are just as good as foreign models. >> reporter: chen's company sells only half of what they did in its peak years but the profits have recovered and now are almost $3 million. >> translator: i want to keep making bicycles that suit today's life styles. >> reporter: gone are the days when most chinese used bicycles for transportation. now, innovators like chen are catering to a changing life style. ryoti okutani, nhk world, shanghai. populous. prosperous. pushing ahead. china's rise brought it wealth, power and problems. an income gap divides its people. pollution threatens their health 36 and differences over
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territory strain relations with its neighbors. find out the challenges china faces on "newsline." and now the latest from the world cup. the german squad is one of the favorites to go all the way. and striker thomas mueller is a big reason why. he scored more goals than any other player four years ago in south africa. and he started off his 2014 campaign with a winning effort against portugal. >> mueller got germmy on the board with a penalty in the 12th minute. 20 minutes later, human el made it 2-0 with a header from a corner. german chance ler merkel liked what she said. later in the half, pepe was sent
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off for butting heads with mueller. the german striker made him pay with another goal just before the first half whistle. mueller completed a hat trick in the 81st minute giving germany a decisive victory in its 100th world cup match. portugal striker christiano ri nal do could not hide his disappointment. in another group "g" match the united states faced off against ghana. clint dempsey put the americans ahead less than a minute into the game with one of the fastest goals in world cup history. ghana struggled to find the net but winger andre iu squared the match in the 82nd minute. the game appeared headed to a draw.
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until u.s. defender john brooks scored on a header in the 86th minute. and the u.s. beat ghana 2-1. three-time champion germany is at the top of group "g" and the u.s. has three points and is in second. group "f" rivals iran and nigh jeer that played the first draw of the 2014 finals. the game had little drama and ended in a scoreless tie. both teams have been looking for the first world cup finals win in 16 years. the occupied the middle of the table with a point apiece. argentina on top of the group after the 2-1 win against bosnia.
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tornadoes have left swaths of damage across the central u.s. our meteorologist robert spe that is here with more on the severe weather outbreak and weather around the world. robert? >> yes, gene, we have seen across the central u.s. and heading towards the med western states is incredible scenes on the ground here of tornadoes, large hail and also damaging winds and what i want to first show you here is out of northeastern nebraska. we have some video out of a town there of hill ger, nebraska. just right off the bat, look at this. dual tornadoes. dual vortex. powerful tornadoes which hit the area monday. this video by storm chasers showing what it looks like on the ground. all part of a super cell complex there. one person has been killed in the devastation. the majority of pilger destroyed in the storm and law enforcement has said the northeastern parts of the town is damaged beyond
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repair. so far, 28 people have been taken to hospitals, a few of them seriously injured. so some pretty incredible images on the ground and it does look like as far as nebraska's concerned in the good news we are seeing some clearing conditions. still a few isolated supercells could be erupting out here with a threat of some large hail and damaging winds across the central plains but as we head through tuesday, especially in the afternoon hours, that whole severe weather threat shifts off there towards the north. across the dakotas into the great lakes region and seeing the damaging winds, the heavy rainfall coming out of this, flooding is very well possibly a problem and then you're still looking at the damaging winds. down towards the southwest, though, dry weather occurring across the four corners region. fire conditions there in place for you. then over towards houston, atlanta, temperatures into the low 30s. hot and steamy there in washington, d.c., up to 34 there on your tuesday with sunny skies. now, in parts of india, on the
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other hand, to the other side of the world, that is, 34 would seem kind of cool. what's happening out here is having a slight delay in the on set of the monsoon so at this point it's still occurring but near these coastal areas seeing the rain showers and cooling up the atmosphere for the most part but off towards the north, for example, new delhi, towards the west, as well, we are seeing that monsoon still delayed so the showers haven't kicked in just yet and temperatures, well, still into the low 40s out there for you. even over towards the southeast and chennai upwards of 40 degrees there on your wednesday. things remaining rather hot, indeed. let's see what's going on in to japan. the big topic this week is a tropical storm, made land fall in southern china on sunday and now skirting along southern portions of kyushu. precipitation outlook, the biggest impact from the storm system, bringing heavy rainfall
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across portions of western japan. southern cue shu, you could see upwards of 200 millimeters. few thunderstorms continuing to erupt in parts of central japan and the tokyo area and also off there towards the north there, as well. watch out for this. especially as we go ahead through wednesday afternoon. a few could be strong or even severe. let's wrap things up now into europe. for the most part, europe, decent weather but across italy, the balkan peninsula, actually, a tornado was reported there in the area and stale threat of some damaging weather here in the areas in the red. all right. that's a look at your world weather. here's the extended outlook.
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japanese soccer fanls are being praised by international media for what they did after the game. many collected the trash from around their stadium seats on saturday after japan lost its first world cup match. coming from behind to defeat japan in the opening game in recife. despite the team's defeat, japanese supporters stayed behind to clean up. a leading brazilian newspaper wrote that even though japan lost the first match, it learned a lot of points for good manners. on the internet site in hong kong said they demonstrated dignity picking up trash in the rain. it isn't unusual for fans in japan to collect litter after j-league matches. and that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. from all of us here at nhk world, thanks for joining us.
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oh, yeah! roast beef. now that's living. there's a lunch story behind these pieces of scrap beef. and its main character is hiroko who cooks for 100 people every day. what's the secret of a lunch that makes people heap up on their plates? lunchtime from ms. tan a/k/a at the employees' cafeteria.
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